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Vital Records are documents that prove an individuals' identity. These documents include birth, death, and marriage records. One person may only have one identity and vital records are stored and protected by the office of the County Clerk and the State of Illinois Department of Vital records to maintain the integrity of one's identity. These records stay in the county and state of origin.

Under Illinois State Law (410 ILCS 535 - Vital Records Act) only specific individuals have legal access to birth and death certificates. The Rock Island County Clerk's Office will issue certificates only to authorized individuals. To do otherwise is a violation of Illinois law. Vital Records are not considered public information, nor are they subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

The Rock Island County Clerk has birth records from 1877 to present, death records from 1878 to present, and marriage records from 1834 to present.

Vital records can be purchased in the County Clerk's office either in person, through the mail or by express mail service.

In Illinois, vital records can be obtained from three locations:

  • Rock Island County Clerk's Office
    Vital Records Division
    1504 Third Avenue
    Rock Island IL 61201
  • Illinois Department of Public Health
    Division of Vital Records
    925 East Ridgely Avenue
    Springfield Illinois 62702
  • Rock Island County Health Department
    Vital Records Division
    2112 25th Avenue
    Rock Island IL 61201

Note: Health Dept. has birth or death records from current year and back 10 years

You can call the Rock Island County Clerk's Office for more information regarding any records that originated in Rock Island County at (309) 558-3569.

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